Friday, May 1, 2009

Asimo : The Honda Humanoid

Welcome back and today's topic will be on Asimo, the Honda humanoid. Asimo is also know as the worlds most advance robot in the world which resembles closest to humans. Well this prove that Honda is not only provide high quality cars but also an excellence of technology for the future.


Asimo is the prove of the of the phrase 'Power of Dreams' and if we dare to dream it will be fulfill one day. Asimo does many human like actions and activities which are very impressive to watch. Here is some example of act ivies and actions being done by Asimo.

Two Asimo playing football

Asimos as a waiter
and also dancing
There many other actions and activities which Asimo may archive and this is a great step for us to reach a future we dream of. This level of tecnhology is something that can be important for everyone else to realise how fast has tecnhology brought us and for me this is a positive step towrds a greater future.

This is for now, till we meet again. From me and Asimo, we say farewell.

Bye - Bye

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  1. The robot picture is cute, haha.. i also hope can have 1 in future..but it is too expensive d..hihi..oh ya.. my URL have change elkenbestbest.blogspot is my url now.welcome to leave a comment ya..