Friday, May 1, 2009

Asimo : The Honda Humanoid

Welcome back and today's topic will be on Asimo, the Honda humanoid. Asimo is also know as the worlds most advance robot in the world which resembles closest to humans. Well this prove that Honda is not only provide high quality cars but also an excellence of technology for the future.


Asimo is the prove of the of the phrase 'Power of Dreams' and if we dare to dream it will be fulfill one day. Asimo does many human like actions and activities which are very impressive to watch. Here is some example of act ivies and actions being done by Asimo.

Two Asimo playing football

Asimos as a waiter
and also dancing
There many other actions and activities which Asimo may archive and this is a great step for us to reach a future we dream of. This level of tecnhology is something that can be important for everyone else to realise how fast has tecnhology brought us and for me this is a positive step towrds a greater future.

This is for now, till we meet again. From me and Asimo, we say farewell.

Bye - Bye

Honda Stream for You

Greetings and once again i am back with a new model of Honda and that would be the ever elegant Honda Stream RSZ. With its 1.8-liter 140PS i-VTEC engine, the Honda Stream RSZ continues to deliver as a proud Honda car.

Honda Stream RSZ front view
Honda Stream is consider as a MPV category and it seems to me so stylish as it is a sedan category. I feel this MPV suits young family owners or young parents which emphasis on style. Comfortably packed with practicality and good looks and your drive with the ride that's built for families.

Honda Stream RSZ side view
I personally feel that Honda Stream RSZ change my mindset of MPV is only for old family owners and no influence of style. But, i was dead wrong and with Honda Stream RSZ style was no longer a problem with your family just right behind you. So, my thnking of once you have a family you cant drive any stylish car was condamn. Thank you Stream^^

Honda Stream Interior
All Honda interiror design are juz master class for me. It has a futuristic and stylish factor which makes you feel like driving a Star Trek spaceship. That is what i think ^^. This absolute interior design is made for every Honda cars including the Stream. So the Stream doesnt lack anything from all its cousins, brothers and sisters. This is what Honda does best, every car is unique by its own.

This is all for now. Will see you soon and the nest episode would be The Odyssey. Take care and see you soon.

Honda Ads

Hello to everyone once again. Today i am going present you with two different concept of Honda advertising. The first video consist of the perfection in working system of Honda. The second video is a mere funny advertisement to show how can a Honda change a person mindset and believe. For me this is the two videos that i find interesting with a different concept.

First Video

The first video brings a smooth and relaxing way of how things work in a perfect manner. I personally see this video differently from other videos and i tend to get attracted to it. Frankly, I was curious of what is the end result of this process.

Second Video

This second video is a banned funny video. This video is quite interesting and it really surprise me with the outcome. See it and be surprise ^^.

That is all for this post. Hopefully you enjoy the videos I've provided and thank you for viewing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Honda CRV, Run On Desire

Hello once again and welcome to hondalover87 which the name said it all, yes, I am a Honda faithful will gladly share with everyone why Honda impresses me. Well, this time around our episode would be on Honda CRV, the 4 wheel drive maestro. Let begin with a little introduction about CRV, it runs with a 2.0L I-vTEC engine and it has won 4 awards in the past. Yes! 4 awards my friends. Frankly i was not a fan of 4WD but after seeing the Honda CRV, i change my mind. Why? Now lets have a look around the CRV and capture your answer.

Honda CRV front view

I was a sedan fan and improvise by my dream car Honda Civic typeR but after knowing Honda CRV, my opinion change towards 4 wheel drive cars. All this while i though 4WD was like a bulky car which has no style yet covered in dirk. But, CRV prove me wrong, I change my perspective towards 4WD and hell ya how a 4WD can be so stylish yet elegant.

Honda CRV rear view

Stylish, spacious and safe is what i categorize for Honda CRV. Driving on a uneven surface in style and confidence riding high without forgetting our families or friends. To be frank, I am totally jealous of CRV drivers and please take care of your CRV even so it can handle the tough tasks you offer. Please I beg you! Is hard not to being emotional when you come face to face with a Honda CRV ^^.

Match made in heaven where the exterior and interior match perfectly together. If I have the cash, CRV would be my next dream. So, got interested with 4 wheel drive cars? Honda CRV without a regret I assure you. =D

This is all for this episode, till we meet again. Thank you for your time in reading and commenting. May your dreams come true. Sayonara for now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Jazz Beat

Its been awhile, here i am to wish hello to everyone once again and yes I am back ^^. Before this, three of sedan Honda models that is Civic, City and Accord have been introduce and of course the most important is the introduction of myself, he he. So, now lets move move a step forward by the introduction of Honda compact car. Yes, when is compact, first come to mind are Kancil, Myvi and Kelisa but no, we are talking about Honda Jazz. Yes, Jazz can you hear the beat? Well i will let you feel the beat soon.

Honda Jazz front view

I want a sporty, yet a spacious cabin without the compact name being remove. I want a car with powerful performance and yet be fuel efficient. I want a car that go through the roads without any hassle with the ability of zipping in and out of narrow roads yet accommodate all my friends in a night outing. Not forgetting level of design, quality and comfortability not being neglected. Well, yes! i want all that in my car definitely and who with a correct sense would want the same. So, can Jazz provide me the conditions i desire? Yes Jazz can, trust me!

Honda Jazz rear and interior view

A well design and comfortable cockpit will enhance my desire of driving and this is how interior design should be for me. The interior suits the car overall with an emphasis on sporty curve for young generations like me =D. From the rear few, Jazz provides me with elegant touch and i personally like the light design which make it looks 'young'. This is all i have to say about Jazz and with you looking for a suitable compact car, i cant state a better compact car than Jazz with of course according the price range. As what often people say 'No Money, No Talk'.

Farewell for now, till we meet again. Enjoy the beat of the Jazz. Ciaoz.